Winneconne is a full-service community. Each one of our departments enhances the economical growth, progress, and development of the community that everyone can enjoy. Village operations are carried out by 11 different departments.
  1. Building Inspector

    The Building Inspector establishes and maintains records of applications, plans, specifications, inspections for building permits which have been issued.

  2. Winneconne-Poygan Fire District

    The Winneconne-Poygan Fire District provides fire protection and emergency medical services for 3 municipalities: Village of Winneconne, Town of Poygan, and Town of Winneconne.

  3. Industrial Development

    The Village of Winneconne and the Winneconne Industrial Development Board have a long tradition of economic development activity in Northeast Wisconsin.

  4. Library

    The Library offers a wide variety of services including internet access, adult book discussion groups, children's programs, as well as lending books and other media.

  5. Municipal Court

    The Winneconne Municipal Court handles civil and traffic cases within the Village of Winneconne as well as the Town of Vinland.

  6. Park Systems

    The Village park system consists of four park sites ranging in sizes from an acre to 44.08 acres. In all, the park system includes 73.08 acres of land.

  7. Planning & Zoning

    The Planning and Zoning Department includes 3 distinct yet related functions, Community Planning, Zoning and Code Administration, and Building Code Enforcement.

  8. Police

    The Police Department exists to safeguard the lives and safety of all persons within the Village, to protect property, and to insure that everyone receives equal protection under the law.

  9. Public Works

    The Department of Public Works services include the repair and maintenance of village streets, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, water system, and various Village-owned properties.

  10. Village Administrator

    The Administrator’s responsibility extends to supervising all municipal departments through their department heads.

  11. Village Clerk / Treasurer

    The Village Clerk/Treasurer is where you can find all of the official records for the Village of Winneconne including copies of the Village of Winneconne's ordinances.