• veterans
  • Christopher ONeal - Army National Guard Iraq and Afghanistan currently deployed (Amandas husband)
  • Zachary Proctor - Army National Guard (Jesses nephew)
  • William Rogers - Korean War (Jesses grandfather)
  • Trustee Randy Oliphant - Army Desert Storm and Iraq
  • SRO Ben Honer - Army
  • Sami Zautner - Army National Guard currently deployed (Mary Lous niece)
  • Ryan Oliphant - Army Iraq (Trustee Randy Oliphants son)
  • Richard Angell - Air Force (Jesses brother)
  • PW Supervisor Josh Janikowski - Army Iraq
  • PW Grounds  Laborer Tony Lancour - Army
  • PW Grounds  Laborer Ronald Spaulding- Army National Guard Appleton
  • PW Director Kirk Ruetten - Navy retired
  • McQueen, Don Army WWII (Kathys dad)
  • Matthew Pearson Navy (Hollys brother)
  • Justin Falk - Army Afghanistan (Mary Lous step-son)
  • Judge Paul Baker - Air Force Vietnam
  • Jon Janikowski - Army Iraq (Joshs brother)
  • John L Schroeder - Navy Vietnam (Mary Lous brother)
  • John H Schroeder - Navy WWII (Mary Lous dad)
  • Jeff Kasubaski - Army (Trustee Jacki Kasubaskis husband)
  • Jason Foster - Army National Guard - Afghanistan and Iraq (Trustee Steve Fosters son)
  • Jack Youmans - Navy Korean War  (Joshs grandfather)
  • Gerlad Pearson Army Korean War (Hollys dad)
  • George Roberts - Army WWII (Trustee Fosters father-in-law)
  • Erin Behm - Air Force currently active (Jons niece)
  • Doug Nelson - Army National Guard (Pres. Chris Bouchers step-father)
  • Dennis Behm - Marines Korean War (Jons father)
  • Darren Oliphant - Army Desert Storm, Iraq and Afghanistan (Trustee Oliphants brother)
  • Daniel Janikowski - Navy WWII (Joshs grandfather)
  • Conrad Fassold - Navy WWII (Judge Bakers uncle)
  • Cody Nelson - Army National Guard (Pres. Chris Bouchers brother)
  • Cecil G Baker - Army Medical Corps WWII (Pauls father)
  • Ashley Oliphant - Army Iraq (Trustee Randy Oliphants daughter-in-law)

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